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The Quick Lube Expert Podcast

Jan 27, 2022

Kevin Davis invites Troy Meachum, Owner of ACR Supply Company, to the QLE Podcast. They discuss how offering a mentorship to your employee can help fuel their success and lead to both personal and professional growth.


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Jan 20, 2022

Kevin Davis invites Frank Kane, President of Extreme Polymers, LLC., to the QLE Podcast. They discuss how offering high quality products will help add value to your customers and allow their vehicle to preform optimally, especially as people are tending to hold onto their vehicles longer.

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Jan 13, 2022

Kevin Davis invites Jason Berry, 2021 NOLN Operator of the Year and owner of Havoline Xpress Lube located in Alabama, to the QLE Podcast. They discuss how Jason Berry got his start as a new quick lube owner right before the Covid-19 pandemic began, some of the challenges he faced as a new owner, and how he was able...

Jan 6, 2022

Kevin Davis invites Dave Fein, VP of Sales and Training for Atlantic Coast Enterprises, to the QLE Podcast. They discuss the importance hiring people with the right mindset and how that can positively affect your company culture and lead to a better working environment and customer experience.


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