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The Quick Lube Expert Podcast

Sep 22, 2022

M. Kevin Davis and Ellie Pentland announce open registration for the second regional Quick Lube Re-calibration event being held in the Utah area. This jam-packed one-day event will feature training sessions, networking opportunities, access to industry vendors, and door-prizes. Breakfast and lunch is included and is...

Sep 15, 2022

M. Kevin Davis invites David Wright from Mr. & Mrs. Wright Coaching and Consulting to the QLE Podcast. They discuss what you should do once you have assembled a team in order to further invest in them, build them up, and allow them to grow both personally and in the workplace.


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Sep 8, 2022

M. Kevin Davis and Doug Arnold from Service Champ discuss the current state of the supply chain in this post-pandemic era. They reflect on some of their experiences regarding the supply chain during the pandemic and how some of their decisions then and now have changed as a result of their experience.


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Sep 1, 2022

M. Kevin Davis invites Dr. Nate Hearne to the QLE Podcast to discuss why you should invest in the lives of your team members so that they can be successful both at and away from work.


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Aug 25, 2022

Quick Lube Expert is celebrating the 100th episode of the QLE Podcast!!! On this episode, M. Kevin Davis invites Joe Farr from ITW back on the show to discuss all things wiper blades. They go over the different types of blades available and why not offering them to customers can be a disservice to them, as poor...